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Qualified (a.) That could be picked; proper or certified to become decided on; lawfully capable to get elected and to hold Place of work.

Eleventh (n.) The interval consisting of 10 conjunct levels; the interval designed up of an octave plus a fourth.

Elysium (n.) A dwelling place assigned to content souls right after Demise; the seat of foreseeable future happiness; Paradise.

Embroil (v. t.) To toss into confusion or commotion by competition or discord; to entangle inside of a broil or quarrel; to help make perplexed; to distract; to require in difficulties by dissension or strife.

Earing (n.) A line made use of to fasten the upper corners of the sail to your lawn or gaff; -- also referred to as head earing.

Experience (adv.) To come from nose to nose; to meet; to confront, both by chance, all of a sudden, or intentionally; Specially, to fulfill in opposition or with hostile intent; to interact in conflict with; to oppose; to battle with; as, to encounter a friend in touring; two armies come across one another; to come across obstructions or complications, to come across robust evidence of the truth.

Have interaction (v. t.) To achieve for services; to bring in as associate or help; to enlist; as, to engage pals to help in a lead to; to have interaction Adult men for services.

Early (adv.) Beforehand of the same old or appointed time; in good time; prior in time; amongst or close to the 1st; -- opposed to late; as, the early hen; an early spring; early fruit.

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Epigram (n.) A short poem dealing with concisely and pointedly of one imagined or party. The trendy epigram is so contrived regarding shock the reader that has a witticism or ingenious flip of assumed, and is frequently satirical in character.

Epidemic (n.) Anything which will take possession of your minds of men and women as an epidemic does of their bodies; as, an epidemic of terror.

Energize (v. i.) To utilize energy in action; to act or run with power or vigor; to act in making an impact.

Effortlessly (adv.) Effortlessly; without having issue or Considerably effort; as, this activity might read review be easily done; that occasion might need been simply foreseen.

Elusive (a.) Tending to elude; working with arts or deception to flee; adroitly escaping or evading; eluding the grasp; fallacious.


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